About Us

Welcome to our website. Let us start with a brief introduction.

On 23 July 1991, we have established our company Lemfeld & Son as a general partnership.

In that way, we are building on our family tradition in manufacture of webbing products reaching back to the beginning of 20th century. From 1999, we have been holding an ISO 9001 certificate.

We manufacture a broad range of ribbons for both clothing and haberdashery, twill ribbons, linen ribbons, curtain ribbons, as well as jacquard ribbons and a variety of elastics.

Our product mix also includes a significant amount of straps intended for both leather craftsmen and haberdashery and, last but not least, strength straps for certified tightening belts and textile harnessing with carrying capacities from 100 kg to 25 tons, which we both stitch and assemble. Our production is based exclusively on weaving machines of the Swiss manufacturer Mueller.

We are a small, flexible company perfectly willing to develop new products specified by our customers. We are ready to weave logos on ribbons, elastics and straps, from which we can assemble for instance key cases or stitch suspender braces or other products. Our advantages are speed and honesty.