Tightening belts

We are manufacturers using automatic looms to weave polyester high strength straps, which are the basic component for manufacture of tightening belts intended for tightening of loads on vehicles.

Our products - two-piece tightening belts (DUS) and single-piece tightening belts (JUS) manufactured to ČSN EN 12 195-2 are tested by the DEKRA Institute for Municipal and Road Transport in Prague.

We offer a range of tightening belts with carrying capacities of 10 000 kg, 5 000 kg, 4 000 kg, 2 000 kg and 1 000 kg with girding:

  • Single-piece belts - type JUS include a ratchet and a strap
  • Two-piece belts - type DUS include a short part (ratchet + strap + hook) and a long part (strap with hook)

We offer tip J hooks, snap hooks and frame hooks.

Complete sets are delivered, i.e. the short part ratchet/hook and the free part as a complete set, or also the short part and the free part separately.

We know that long sets are subject to more strain during operation and they wear out quicker. That is why we offer these free parts for very favourable prices in all carrying capacities and lengths.

We are also certified by the Czech Ministry of Transport to repair tightening sets. When your belts are worn or straps scratched or mechanically damaged, the applicable regulations prohibit their use. If the ratchet and hooks are intact, cut off the damaged straps and send the ratchet and hooks to us. We will attach new undamaged straps with the corresponding carrying capacity to the intact metal parts, test them and provide with a label guaranteeing a safe use of the set.

As we are strap manufacturers, we can guarantee agreeable prices of both new and repaired sets.